Store Products.

Our products are always changing. We've a small team to manage our online operations, it is possible that bought item was not marked as " out of stock ". In this case, full refund will be made after informing.

All shoes on our website keep changes and we try to update our catalog daily.


Our payment methods often change. Since replica shoes payment is not allowed on Paypal business, we've stopped receiving Paypal business and credit card transactions.

Additional Discounts.

Due to bulk orders, human errors can appear. In this case, we always try to go extra mile to satisfy our customers. The additional discounts include more refund than 50% payment or more than one-time free shipping if the products are seized by customs.r

Shipping methods.

Customers have not control on shipping methods. It means we have the right to choose shipping company according to suitable condition.

Duties & Taxes

Taxes are fully responsible to the recipient. According to the report, only less than 1% of shipments(EU) (The EU’s tax reform may have an impact.), Less than 0.1% in North America are required to pay taxes.

Package lost & Seized

If the items are lost or seized by customs, we will re-ship the same item 1 more time again (only if custom insurance is bought). If the custom insurance is not included, it would be 50% of the total amount to re-ship the same order.

Delivery time

It takes 1-3 days to assemble and ship items to your address. After the shipping is done from our end, the delivery time is normally 10-14 days. However, in some cases, it can take more than 2 weeks.

Failed Delivery

Please ensure that you receive your package. It can cause a lot of problem if the item is re-shipped to our shipping address. Since we are not entertaining the same return address for shipping, it can cause re-shipping problems. However, sometimes we make partial payments.

Share your opinion

After receiving your order, take some time to take pictures and share your experience with us. We would love to hear from you!

Complete return & refund policy

Take few minutes to read complete return and refund policy.

About this clause

We have the authority to delete, add, change or edit information or product without any prior notice.