So you want to buy your favorite shoe and are still wondering if it will reach you or not?

Well, we ask our conscious customers to read about us on the Internet. Because it’s 2024, and spammers can’t hide online. There are hundreds of online forums, groups, and websites that help online buyers make informed decisions.

In this post, we are going to prove that we are legitimate. More importantly, what matters even more is the quality of the shoes, and our returning customer rate says it all.

We have an amazing customer return ratio.

So, how legit are we? Let’s find out!

Before we get started, you can have a look at our factory, based in China. We have got the most advanced technology and some of the best designers working for us.

Have a look:

Now, we going to cover some of our collection with industry big names, testimonials, and social proof.

Carla Snuggs – Founder of Poshbeautyblog

Carla is very selective with her collaborations. Crossreps Jordan 1 Travis Scott shoe is featured in one of her Instagram posts. She is literally obsessed with the quality of the shoes.

For more reference, click on the Instagram post below.

Tayib Salami – Founder of Housakicks

If you really love sneakers, you might have heard about Tayib Salami at least once in your life. He is a sneakerhead and has been reviewing shoes for more than 13 years now on his YouTube channel and website, House Kicks.

He is very dedicated to his work, and the 13-year consistency is no joke.

In the video below, he tested Crossreps Kobe Bruce Lee on the court.

He tested them for two days, and at the end of the video, he recommended them to this YouTube family. It doesn’t end here.

He continues to write an article on his website, housakicks, where he tests original and fake shoes. His core topic is spotting fakes from originals.

At the end of the article, you can read below his words after testing rep shoes for more than 13 years now. We don’t know if he ever said these words for any other replica hoes, but his words carry weight, and that’s what he said below.

Even though the list is enormous, we have typed Crossreps reviews on Google to find what people are saying about us. It’s technically not possible to list all of the website reviews here.

We are going to list some of them.

#1 Stephilareine – Founder of

Stephilariene is a multi-awarded blogger with more than 55K followers on her Instagram alone. She has been listed on the Top 10 UK beauty blogs at & also the Top 15 British beauty bloggers award at

She wrote an article about Crossreps & Hypeunique’s legitimacy in 2023 and talked about her journey buying from Crossreps. She also shared some of the photos of Jordan’s 4 black cats.

Long things short, here’s what she said about the Crossreps shoes. You can read the full article here.

#2 PinkTownUSA – Wholesale Jewelry supplier in USA

Pinktownusa is a well-known wholesale jewelry brand based in the United States. They have been providing other related items, such as necklaces, at wholesale rates to businesses.

Crossreps has been featured on this website with the title ” I ordered from Crossreps, and this is what happened.”

Below is the final wording from the brand itself. To read the full article, click here.

#3 Fashionterest – Rising Fashion Magazine

Fashionterest is an online fashion magazine with 78k+ followers on their Pinterest account alone. They are rising very fast and those who wants to stay ahead in fashion read them a lot.

Here’s what they say about us. For complete article, read this.

#4 Naava Xin – Founder of Outfitoza

Outfitoza is a shoe magazine founded by Naava Xin. She talks about shoes and has a good eye for reps as well.

In one of her articles, she talked about unauthorized original shoes, and that’s what she said about Crossreps. See the full article here.