How much are Jordan 4 Black Cat (Original & Reps)



Original: Initially retailed at $190 in 2020. These shoes have increased in value, with current resale prices from $800 to $1300. The price increase is due to very high demand and unavailability.

Replica: Replicas are priced between $100 and $180, depending on the quality. However, offers world-class 1:1 UA shoes.


The Air Jordan IV more than just shoe. It’s a nostalgic reminder of great basketball history.

For over three decades, it has engaged fans with different designs, and one of the most demanding is the Black Cat.

This name comes from Michael Jordan’s nickname—a shoe that’s about dark shades, soft leather, and matte finishes.

It’s got features that fans admire, like the special molds for laces and the airy netting. Plus, with its Jumpman logo, this shoe is perfect for basketball and a casual lifestyle.

But let’s not forget its origin.

Michael Jordan wasn’t just a basketball player; he was a true legend. When he scored that shot for North Carolina, he became a big name.

How much does Jordan 4 Black Cat cost?


When the Air Jordan IV Black Cat was released in 2020, it had a retail price tag of $190. But, the price has changed dramatically.

If you want to buy a pair through StockX, you can get them between $800-$1300.

Why the prices have increased?

The Black Cat edition is no longer available in stores. When shoes go out of stock, their value skyrockets. It’s a matter of supply and demand.

Speaking of demand, it’s higher than ever! Sneakerheads and fans of the Jordan brand wants to add this in their collection.

The more people want something, the more valuable it becomes.

In short, the limited availability and high demand have made Air Jordan IV Black Cat prices go up.


The replica industry is a whole market with different prices and quality.

On average, if you want Jordan 4 Black Cat replica, the price is between $120 and $180.

But the quality is most important. With a lot of sellers out there, not all can be trusted to deliver high-tier quality shoes.

However, there’s some good news.

Take, for example.

Our pricing for the replica Jordan 4 Black Cat is between $100 and $120. With the highest returning customers in 2023, we produce 1:1 Jordan 4 reps

 We have been awarded several certificates for maintaining quality.

To sum it up, while the replica market is vast, with the uncertainty of quality, there are sellers like that have established trust with their consistent quality.

Materials and Craftsmanship at Crossreps:

At Crossreps factory, replica production is in safe hands.

We don’t settle for anything less than the best.

Why does this matter?

Because quality is the foundation of the shoe.

But even the top materials need skilled professionals to produce greatness. Crossreps ensures that the expert makes every Jordan 4 Black Cat.

They understand the minor detailing of the original design.

So, when you’re buying from Crossreps, you’re only getting the best.

Limited Releases and Hyped Collaborations

The supply and demand aren’t textbook concepts; they’re forces that affect prices and market.

Two key factors that impact these are limited releases and collaborations.

Let’s dive deeper.

1. Limited Releases: When a shoe is released in limited quantities, it becomes demanding. Think about it – when there are only a few pairs available, everyone wants to buy them. It creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

Limited releases often see sneaker lovers standing for hours in front of stores. The fewer the sneakers, the higher their perceived value. And as this perception grows, so does the price.

With demand-supply, prices in secondary markets (like resale platforms) can soar many times over the original retail price.

2. Big Collaborations: When brands collaborate with high-profile names or influential figures, the hype is created. Whether it’s a fashion designer or a blockbuster film, these collaborations make brand DNA.

Such collaborations become more than just footwear.

Naturally, this added layer of boosts demand exponentially. Everyone wants a piece of this shared story, and that desire drives prices up.


Air Jordan IV Black Cat are influenced by many factors that impact their value. From the original shoes’ rise in price due to limited availability and high demand to reps shoe that offers excellent quality, there’s a lot to learn.

While the original Jordan 4 Black Cat shows legacy and limited releases, the replicas are more into quality. So, make sure you to investigate before you buy.

Both limited editions and high-profile collaborations play important roles in shaping sneaker long-term prices..

In the end, whether original or replica, it’s clear that sneakers are more than just footwear.

They’re symbols that represents history, craftsmanship, and the changing dynamics between supply and demand.

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